Block A: 2 Storey building consisting of 4 Nos.–3 Bedroom Terrace Units with one service quarter each.

Block B: 3 Storey building consisting of 4 Nos. – 4 Bedroom Terraces Units with one service quarter each

Building units are available either Fully Completed or Partially Completed


  • Payment can be at once or in installments
  • Option 1: Full Payment At Once
  • 5% discount applicable
  • Receive Deed of Sub-Lease immediately
  • Immediate Allocation of available unit
  • Payer can take possession immediately after completion of construction.
  • Payment non-refundable

Option 2: 30% DOWN PAYMENT

  • Balance payable in one year, equally either every month or every quarter (3 months).
  • Allocation of unit will be done immediately after payment of 50%.
  • Payer can only take possession only after 100% payment
  • Refunds of down payment subject to 5% administrative charge.
  • Mortgage options may me available through our banking partners